Trying to Master Divi

I didn’t  get much done here last week – I wasn’t feeling well, nothing major, just didn’t accomplish much.

Divi is a handfull.  The default theme builder does not play well with Buddypress, that’s OK, the divi buidler can be used independently of that.  I have a buddypress theme or two I can look to adding, but the Pure and simple theme pretty much does the job.

There’s a whole lot you can add to a page with divi, and there are a whole lot of ways to run into trouble with it.  We’re probably going to disable some of it just to make it less confusing.  On the whole though, it can be a lot of fun to use.

Text Dividers

Text Masks Use Background images to color text. Pretty neat. This is the image I am using in the background:

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Please send me an invite as soon as you can get to it. I have been working a bit with my other account on Word Press and have learned a few things. I promise I won’t pester you while you are hard at work setting this up.

( Picture is just for test purposes). I don’t see any little smiley faces. Hope you add some good ones.

Greeting with candles.jpg
Veronique Mariquita

Ok. I am still thoroughly on how this site works. There are so many different parts to it. Just go ahead and add both names if you want and then later I can delete one of them. Either way is fine with me.

Veronique Mariquita

*Thoroughly confused!

Veronique Mariquita

I can’t get into the vero2007 account to accept the invite. please send it to this one.

Veronique Mariquita

Sorry for the mix-up. It seems that e-mail addy isn’t working. It was an old one from way back. Lets give this one a try.

Veronique Mariquita

Nothing has come through.

Veronique Mariquita

I looked through old mail and found where you invited me to Civatar back in 2012, using the same e-mail. Is the old site connected in anyway to this one? Would that cause any problems?


This just keeps getting better and better!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Vero

I know you’re around here somewhere!  :wpds_lol: 


Hang in there! It will all work out. I’m trying to experiment here and there without bothering you too much.


Does this online thingy really work? Cool, but I stay signed in all day. Sometimes I might be in the kitchen, or ….somewhere.  :wpds_arrow: 


“Author” is the one who starts the thread? Neat feature. I haven’t seen that on any other site. This is going to be fantastic once it is all working properly.


Great! I’m following closely and see more and more things being activated. Thanks for the license key explanation. I have been wondering how to fix it. (Just put that on the bottom of your list for now)


Not sure where to post this, but I will try and stick it here. I keep notifications for this entry, but of course there are no new entries. So somehow instead of directing me to where they are actually originating from, they default to this entry. Is there something I need to fix on my end.


AHA So THAT’s what a text mask is!!! I’ve been seeing that.


Interesting reading over all these old comments.Only 8 months ago. It seems like forever!!