Hello world!

Hello World!

There’s still a lot to do here, but the site is pretty much fully functional now. I want to add a few more items to the comment box, I have a lot to configure (really… A LOT) and I still want to install a front end editor to make it easier for everybody.

This is Multi-site WordPress, if you want to blog you essentially create your own site to do it on, and anything you do on that site goes in the activity stream. New sites are automatically set up for blogging and if that’s all you want to do just add the headers, colors and background you want and blog away.

However since it is a WordPress site, there’s a whole lot more you can do with it, including pages, menus, categories, all sorts of things. You should be able to customize and make the place your own.

We will be putting up a bunch of documentation as we go along, I’ll make sure this blog page has pointers to it all, and I will probably make the post containing it sticky so it is always on top.

That’s it for now, thanks for being here and have fun.

Last Modified on November 23, 2022
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Does this allow anonymous posting by non members? Curious…


It does!


and it disappeared…


Or not? Guessing one can comment but to view the whole thread has to be logged in?
Feel free to delete all of these comments!


Found all the comments, lol. It’s too early in the day!


Logged in now….your other page did require your approval for a comment before posting but this one did not.


Lots to do, explore,and then there is the customizing,etc. Feeling overwhelmed yet?