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I think most everyone has at least one skillet in their kitchen that they rely on when they need a non-stick surface.
Over the years,numerous types have been on the market, with all of them failing after a few uses. Nothing seems to work well for long.

Until now!!!!!

(Fair warning: plug for a brand coming up)

Pioneer Woman cast aluminum cookware:

This is the review from a popular shopping source.

“Get cooking delicious homemade meals with The Pioneer Woman Prairie Signature 12-Piece Cast Aluminum Cookware Set. It has all the pots and pans needed for everyday cooking including 10-inch fry pan, two-quart saucepan with lid, five-quart Dutch oven with lid, four-quart Everyday Pan with lid, three felt protectors, nylon spoon, and slotted turner. The aluminum cookware pieces charcoal speckle design which brings a vintage, farmhouse feel to your kitchen. The nonstick interior offers easy food release and the wooden handles have a soft and comfortable grip Enjoy creating mouthwatering food with the gorgeous The Pioneer Woman Prairie Signature 12-Piece Cast Aluminum Cookware Set.


I have several pieces and have been using them for almost a year now with NO change whatsoever! A fried egg still slides right out and even that canned corned beef hash (which usually leaves about 3/4 of the content sticking to the pan when you try to brown it) comes right out in it’s entirety!

I heartily recommend this product!!

Prairie Signature Charcoal Speckle.


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