This is a recipe that I have made countless times, and I was surprised recently, to find that some of my friends have never even eaten these yummy treats. I shall remedy that by posting my favorite recipe for them so that anyone who wishes can try them. Ingredients 2 cups sugar1 stick butter1/4 cup […]


INGREDIENTS 2 packs yeast1/3 cup warm water 105 to 115 F.1 1/2 cups milk 1/2 cup sugar1 teaspoon salt2 large eggs1/3 cup butter softened5 cups all-purpose flourOil for frying———————————GLAZE1/2 cup butter melted2 cups powdered sugar2 teaspoons vanilla5 to 7 tablespoons evaporated milk. Combine lukewarm water and yeast in large mixer bowl. Let sit for 5 […]