Site maintenance 05/06/2023

I reerted to an earlier version of the custom e-mail plugin I wrote, mail should be going to yahoo addresses again. I can see if they are still getting blocked if it happens and will take further action if I see any.

Both Divi Builder and the Divi theme needed updating, I did that manually since automatic updates for them don’t work on this site.

You can now block users, the option shows up on the profiles. Now a request: Please don’t block anybody unless they do something block-worthy here, let’s not have carryover from disagreements on Schmooze please.

I also installed some moderation tools. For those to be used somebody is going to have to be made moderator. At the moment I don’t see any huge need for them, but if we grow to the point we have problem children, we are going to need to decide who will moderate. It’s not going to be me.

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Thanks for all of the work you have put in, I know it’s all very time consuming. I think the more options a website has the more appealing it will be to new members.

Now, how about getting/putting in a donut station over there….. (points)… and with drinks, (especially a slushie machine).   :wpds_lol: 


(I hope I don’t get reported for demanding donuts)….(looks around worriedly). 😟 


Thank you Dio for your thoughtful assistance. I will probably give Divi another try at a later date. Right now I just don’t have the time for it.I know you understand how that is.  :wpds_smile: