Monday, my favorite day of the week! A new beginning, a clean slate!
I have a routine, (which is probably boring to my acquaintances from the past) but hopefully not for my new friends.)

A big pot of pinto beans cooked with a hunk of yummy ham, accompanied by a pan of crusty brown corn bread, sliced onion, sweet pickled bell peppers and occasionally a skillet of home-fried potatoes.

Laundry from the past week, washed, dried, (line-dried when weather permits) folded and put away.

Sweeper ran over all the house if the energy holds up, and an early bedtime with eight hours of restful sleep, knowing that the day has been well spent!

The gardener in me just has to co-ordinate the color of my laundry with the garden flowers. When I first joined Twitter I posted this and one of my “Over the big pond” gardening friends re-tweeted it and had it really trending for a few hours.

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