Ya Gotta Start Somewhere…

I intend to use the main site blog for items about the site, along with pages of documentation, but like the title says, ya gotta start somewhere…

This is a multipress wordpress site with buddypress social networking. I tried buddypress before with Renderunto, but nobody bothered telling me it was supposed to be a multipress install for individual blogs to work properly, and I spent endless hours on installing and uninstalling multitudes of plugins that never did blogs correctly.

Oh well, live and learn. The default editor for WordPress these days is Gutenburg and frankly I am not a fan. I don’t want to go back to the classic one though because THAT actually needed a bunch of plugins to get anything done, and I’d rather install Divi which allows you to compose pages and posts from the front end visually. I should have that installed on the 22nd of November, earlier if I decide not to wait for the sale. Meanwhile though there is plenty for me to do.

That’s it for the moment, basically the flow is you register on the main site, if you want a blog you create a subsite for it, it defaults to being a classic blog, and you bang away at the keyboard.

It is however a fully functional wordpress site, so if you want to do more with it, have at it.

I’m using a default theme that allows for a lot of customization, and if you want to add your own css, it’s easy enough to do, you just use the customizer.

That’s it for the moment, as I said, I’m going to put most of the site related announcements on the blog on the main site. This was just to get things started.

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2 months ago
Reply to  Dio

looks like it’s coming along!

2 months ago

Not sure if this will work but I’m giving it a try.