I received two donations yesterday, one for $200 and one for $50 and I’d like to thank the people who sent them. I’ve got real names over on Paypal, and I think it was Viccles and Quasi that sent them, I may have that wrong 😛

I appreciate the help, I’ll itemize what was spent starting up the site, at some point, and more importantly what the monthly expenses for running it are.

As I have mentioned to some people, a lot of the plugins I have here I use on multiple sites, and I get unlimited licenses where ever possible for that reason.

I do intend to set up a method where the site can pay for itself without resorting to memberships. I’ll get more into that later also.

We also need to be setting up an organization of some sort to be responsible for running the site, I don’t intend to be chief cook and bottle washer and make all the decisions myself once we get out of set-up phase, but it’s going to take some people volunteering and organizing to accomplish that.

In any case I’ll be writing in more detail on that later after everything is up and running.

I will mention I am in a different position economically than Kim was, I can afford to support the site at it’s current level of membership. If it starts getting larger, needs a bigger server, or starts sending a lot of email and I need to expand that service, that’s the point I’ll start needing support from the members.

Guest Books

What I have in mind with these is creating a page on each person’s site named “Guest Book”, putting it on their menu, and putting a link to it on the user profile.

I will also set the site so that when you click on a user, the profile block comes up first rather than the activity block. The Code to do that is here: (Just so you get an idea of what it takes to make changes to the place)

There will be some manual steps involved, which either the member can do, or I can do for them. Essentially they would have to create the page and put the URL to the page in their profile.

Doing it this way comments added to a person’s profile page will not be included in the activity stream, which would quickly become unreadable if it included chains of Guest Book Comments, and allow everybody to fully customize their own guestbook pages.

Here is how it works: you click on a person’s user name in any post, it takes you to their profile, you click on the link to their Guest Book. Two clicks total.

Still Starting

I think I am going to ramble and doodle here and save the Civatar blog for actual useful site information.

Obviously there is still a lot to set up, I have some additional items to add to the comment boxes so they will support videos and smilies along with pictures.

I also need to add in the mycred plugins, which provide some entertainment, games and contests (anybody want to be social director?)

And of course there is still a lot to learn about what is already here.

So anyway, join in, blog away, and lets get this party started.  We’ll work the numberous kinks out as we go.

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere…

I intend to use the main site blog for items about the site, along with pages of documentation, but like the title says, ya gotta start somewhere…

This is a multipress wordpress site with buddypress social networking. I tried buddypress before with Renderunto, but nobody bothered telling me it was supposed to be a multipress install for individual blogs to work properly, and I spent endless hours on installing and uninstalling multitudes of plugins that never did blogs correctly.

Oh well, live and learn. The default editor for WordPress these days is Gutenburg and frankly I am not a fan. I don’t want to go back to the classic one though because THAT actually needed a bunch of plugins to get anything done, and I’d rather install Divi which allows you to compose pages and posts from the front end visually. I should have that installed on the 22nd of November, earlier if I decide not to wait for the sale. Meanwhile though there is plenty for me to do.

That’s it for the moment, basically the flow is you register on the main site, if you want a blog you create a subsite for it, it defaults to being a classic blog, and you bang away at the keyboard.

It is however a fully functional wordpress site, so if you want to do more with it, have at it.

I’m using a default theme that allows for a lot of customization, and if you want to add your own css, it’s easy enough to do, you just use the customizer.

That’s it for the moment, as I said, I’m going to put most of the site related announcements on the blog on the main site. This was just to get things started.