Drone Light Shows Replace Fireworks

A number of cities are choosing drone light shows instead of fireworks displays for the 4th of July celebrations. There are a couple of reasons cited, fire prone areas do it to avoid accidentally starting fires, others cite air quality. Some are running hybrid fireworks / drone displays. Either way, the drones can be pretty […]

It’s Always Something

The power went out twice on Saturday, once around 8:00 am, then it came up around 10 am for 15 minutes or so, then went out again until noon. When it came up the second time, the alarm in the garage went off.  Now I should say here that I didn’t know I had an […]

Using Divi with Post Categories

WordPress gives you a way to categorize your posts. The reason you would want to do this is that it allows you (or your readers) to filter the posts to the ones they are interested in. Taking the “Nutsy and the Egg” site for example, I have categorized my posts by music and the comic […]


I received two donations yesterday, one for $200 and one for $50 and I’d like to thank the people who sent them. I’ve got real names over on Paypal, and I think it was Viccles and Quasi that sent them, I may have that wrong 😛 I appreciate the help, I’ll itemize what was spent […]

Guest Books

What I have in mind with these is creating a page on each person’s site named “Guest Book”, putting it on their menu, and putting a link to it on the user profile. I will also set the site so that when you click on a user, the profile block comes up first rather than […]