I Spy with My Little Eye

The eyes have it today. There seems to be a theme lately on eyes and what we see and perceive with them. Whether it is a joke, comic, meme, or the written word, our eyes take it all in and transfers that information to our brain to help us compute what it is we are actually seeing.

Our eyes can be different colors, different shapes and sizes, some may wear glasses, some may only need them for reading, and others may be blessed with 20/20 vision. It’s a pretty marvelous feat to be able to see color and texture and nature in all it’s glory. It’s something we usually take for granted. I know, it’s time for me to go in for an eye appointment. Upgrade my glasses if needed, be ever mindful of being tested for glaucoma, something that my dad had and eventually went blind from. I was only a kid in the 1970’s when he had to have his first surgery. It was before the days of laser surgery, and I remember him telling someone about how you are kept awake during the surgery, and they pretty much pop your eyeball out and drill holes in it to relieve the pressure. He had a second surgery a couple of years later, but the damage was done. He eventually could only see some faint shadows, and depended more on his hearing as the years went by.

But even with our own eyesight, we can see, and still not comprehend. We are blinded by our own judgements, insecurities, beliefs, and attitudes. There is no encompassing viewpoint, but a narrowed tunnel vision of one’s self. It’s hard for people to look beyond their own view of self, reality, and world. It’s not the notion of having rose colored glasses, but of being wide eyed enough to realize that what you see and perceive is not always what is the truth.

I think fear is what leads to a person’s blindness. They don’t want to see what is behind the door, what is forming and emerging in front of them. I think there is a mental blindness that overtakes their visual field that clouds their vision and their judgement. Some, at this point, will nod their head in agreement and finger point at someone else, even at me. But they are unable to see past themselves to a bigger picture of the “wholeness” of a situation, a thought process, of human nature, of life.

Afraid of what they might see? Afraid their vision has been clouded all along? Afraid to see their reflection?

We all have our own blindness, and most aren’t willing to accept or acknowledge them.

It’s snowy here today, I can both see and feel the cold. Maybe I will take and post some pics, or maybe not. Perhaps you can envision it without the actual pictures of the snow. It will take some effort on your part, but it helps to see with your mind as well as with your eyes.

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4 days ago

Vic, you always write such thought provoking blogs…[well, when you aren’t writing about chicken feet…though, I imagine the chicken appreciate them]…
I rarely take the time to take a good long look at myself, because I know I can count on you guys to point out all my faults, of which there are many…and, no, Amazon shopping isn’t one of them  😛 
On the flip side of that coin, I also know my good points, my strengths…even though I know there are a couple of people on here who would deny that I have any at all. That’s their loss…they will never get to benefit from them. I’ve ‘seen’ who, and what, they are.

All that said…

I spy something blue.

4 days ago
Reply to  viccles

 😮  😡 

4 days ago
Reply to  viccles

 🐣  🐥  🐤 

4 days ago

When I saw snow it usually meant I had to move the rabbit ears.  😝 

Testing for Gloucoma is a good thing. I am overdue on that myself. Dad had it, he never lost vision over it, but he had to use eye drops to keep the pressure down. Durned expensive eye drops too.