Don’t Mind Me…

Seriously, don’t mind me or my blog as I continue on with my blog from the other day.

I had previously blogged about how blogs are viewed on the activity page and had inserted a pic halfway down on my blog to see if the graphic would show, or if just the typing part of the blog would be represented.

And the answer was yes, the pic was quite prominent. So today I am experimenting to see if I place a pic at the very end of a blog post, will show in the activity page or if it will show the text instead. I might rethink using a lot of graphics, pics, and memes in my blog posts unless they are more essential to the actual blog theme.

Today is just another one of those days where I have a million and one different thoughts, ideas, and things going on around me and in my mind as well. I sit here after filling out forms, making phone calls, waiting on phone calls, checking the weather for an incoming storm later, and I read.

I read the news, the blogs, articles, e-mails, and other social media sites. I make lists, jot down notes, track orders, and listen for the phone, for the door, and what is going on in the other room. My mind is almost as tired as the rest of me.

I was going to write a blog on old commercials. I saw one earlier on-line about “the big fig newton”. It’s been ages since I saw that commercial and the jingle still keeps running in my head. The other day, it was “I’d like to teach the world to sing” after I made a comment to someone about joining hands and offering everyone a Coke. Maybe I will still write that blog, but if so, I will write it over on Shmoozezone to save on space over here. Even though we are a small group, I constantly look to the future of this place and want to start off being positive about it’s ability to grow, but at the same time realize there will always be limitations anywhere, and storage space can be a big one.

I should order more propane, maybe I will make a pot of chili today, still waiting on that phone call about jury duty. I need to paint this year, re-roof the shed, maybe forget about the painting and just put on new siding? The flower bed on the side of garage needs an overhaul, do I move an old flower bed to it, replant with new,… flowers or hostas? I have some weedy trees that need to come out, should I replace them and with what? Fruit trees? I better look over my favorite websites for fruit trees and order early if the answer is yes. I need to check the expiration date of the carton of cream in the fridge, maybe check the cottage cheese too. Maybe I will make lasagna today instead of the chili? Does everyone else’s mind work the same way that mine does?

I should make myself some limits. On time, money, and thoughts. I think I am seriously over drawn on them all.

(big fig newton)

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9 days ago

Seems to me, after all that, you’d be taking a nap… 😅 

9 days ago

Viccles, we have plenty of space on here for pictures and blogs so don’t worry about that. Probably at least as much as Shmoozezone has, possibly more since this is a newer server than that one and hard drive space tends to increase.

I remember the Big Fig Newton campaign, it was about the same time as Crispy Critters “Call for Orange Moose” as I recall 😉

I think the activity page grabs the first picture in the blog to use if it has one. Don’t quote me on that  😁 

8 days ago
Reply to  viccles

A is for Apple, J is for Jacks, cinnamin toasty apple-jacks!

Great. Now I have the jingle stuck in my brain.