Havet (Mimi and Josy)

Mimi and Josy with their coaches on the Voice Kids Germany 2019

Havet is a musical duo composed of Mimi Vogler (b. 2003) and Josy Vogler (b. 2005), a pair of German-Swedish sisters from Bavaria.

Mimi and Josy grew up surrounded by music, raised by singer and multi-instrumentalist parents. The sisters began playing in bands with friends as young teenagers and went on to win the German TV competition The Voice Kids in 2019.

Although working as a duo, each sister draws from unique influences across the pop, R&B, and indie musical traditions. Mimi describes her approach to music as one grounded in the folk and singer-songwriter genres; she begins with lyrics, then layers guitar and piano overtop. Meanwhile, Josy describes herself largely as a producer, beginning always with a beat, then adding lyrics on top of that. With the creation of Havet, the two artists are merging their distinct approaches and realizing a new sound that embraces all of music’s diverse elements.


Looping – Sam Perry

Looping is something new. If I was in my 20’s today you can bet I would have one of these things to play with. Sam Perry is a genius at it, there are a few others in his category, I’ll post a few of them over time, but this guy simply has it down to a science.

Every noise you hear he makes with his voice, the machine adds effects and distortions to it. Essentially he is the whole band. In my view it’s absolutely stunning stuff, the industry has progressed so far from the 1970’s and anybody who thinks great music isn’t being created these days is simply listening to the wrong things.