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Molly Tuttle and the Golden Highway

Making it a 2fer… Interesting country group

Molly says: “I have loved the story of Alice in Wonderland since I read the book as a kid and played the Queen of Hearts in my school play. I chose to cover ‘White Rabbit’ back in the fall of 2020 for a live stream of songs by San Francisco Bay Area artists. Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane is from Palo Alto, CA, just like me, and this song gives me the nostalgic feeling of growing up, but recording it also pushed my band forward into new territory musically. This is the first song I have arranged, produced and recorded from the ground up with the band members that I’ve been on the road with all year. Golden Highway—aka Shelby Means, Dominick Leslie, Kyle Tuttle, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes—and I have formed a strong musical bond after playing almost 100 shows together this year. Each band member brought ideas to the table, making this a truly collaborative effort.”

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1 year ago

Neat!! 👌   :wpds_grin: 

1 year ago
Reply to  Dio

Great planning! I’m still not sure exactly where I am going with all of my material, but it’s mainly a learning process. It’s amazing…. all the little design details that make up a site, which we just take for granted, having no idea how they got there.

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