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He’s dressed more normally this time. Except for the shoes. That man has some shoes 😉

I’m really impressed by this guy as if you couldn’t tell. I haven’t seen a saxophonist front man in ages, and how he manages to dance lugging that thing around I still have no idea.

Last Modified on May 8, 2023
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5 months ago

That really is pretty impressive…thanks for sharing it!

5 months ago

Wow! he’s sure got the moves!!

5 months ago

He certainly is talented! But I have to confess as I watched more and more of the video my eye kept being drawn to the guy he sat next too. The introvert in me could relate! lol, everyone else tapped their feet, bobbed their heads, got into the beat and that poor guy just radiated discomfort…I might have seen his eyebrows move up and down once, but maybe he was trying to adjust his glasses without putting his hand up to his face? Seriously everyone watch it again and keep your eyes on that guy on the front row near the right end.

Quasi Motto
5 months ago
Reply to  Dio

I had to go look him up, Xavier Del Castillo…he has only a couple of videos on Youtube.

Quasi Motto
5 months ago
Reply to  Dio

Nice bit of Jazz, the whole quartet have that same look about them, beards and mustaches must be in with the music scene!

5 months ago

Funky! It’s hard to play guitar and sing at the same time but I thought it was hard to play in a band and march. I like some of the big band music from the past but I really haven’t listened to much newer music. I know I always chipped my reeds and had to run into the music store a lot when I was in a