2 Cellos – Thunderstruck

This video is from nine years ago, it’s one of the first ones they did. The way they did it is pretty funny, they start out playing chamber music for an audience in period dress. The music changes, the audience doesn’t, and it isn’t amused which is half the fun.

Sort of like when Michael J Fox gets really into the music back in the fifties and the audience looks at him like he has gone insane, which is probably where they got the idea from

Anyway, these two were opening for Elton John back in the day, they’ve been headlining tours since then. They put out a number of really interesting videos based on the incongruous music they play.

Update: Apparently they broke up the act in 2022. Ya snooze ya loose I guess. Here is an article about them:

Inedible Food

Back when I was young, you know, before dirt was invented, I worked in a grocery store and one of the things that came out at the time and mercifully didn’t go anywhere is Snack foods made with Olestra, which was an undigestable substitute for the fat in potato chips among other things. They made you lose weight in the worst way.

Anyway, I saw this yesterday, and it brought back memories, not personally unpleasant since I was never stupid enough to eat Olestra Chips (they were called WOW chips back in the day), but the stories in the comments on this one matched what I was hearing at the time.

Five pound bags huh? Woof!