Who’s on first

First page, first blog, first writer’s block. All the firsts that go with something new and different and unfamiliar. I should be use to this now, this constant state of confusion and uncertainty. But jumping in with both feet, getting them wet, and hoping it’s not going to require a life preserver.

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16 days ago

Yes, comments being held is by site. This one is likely to be held, not completely sure if that will happen because of the account status of this account. In any case the default setting is that you don’t need to be logged in to comment, and your first comment is held for moderation. Be careful if you do change that to close open commenting. Unless you want spam comments. By the boatload.

16 days ago

This can be a little overwhelming at first. As you can see though, you can get set up with blogging pretty quickly, you don’t have to do much other than register and create the site. Once you do that, you can blog away and anything you blog will appear on the activity stream on the main site. That stream by the way can be filtered by friends only, something we couldn’t do on Shmooze that I know of. And you can further filter the activity stream by type of update, say blogs by friends.